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04 Lawyer/IT Training

How do lawyers and IT work together in e-discovery cases? 
In my experience I have observed at many companies a poor working relationship between the lawyers and IT.


IT often views lawyers as condescending or talking down to them, making demands that are unrealistic, and also causing risk to the IT systems of the company.


Lawyers on the other hand voice concerns that IT is not responsive and do not understand the importance of litigation.


Why the problem?  Well, there's a major communication problem between people from these two disciplines have a different worldviews.


The solution I recommend is cross training between the corporate legal department and IT. Lawyers should train IT regarding the legal terminology and strategies for litigation cases. For example, the term relevancy, it took me a year and a half of law school to figure that one out, and we can't expect IT to understand the terms without an explanation. Critical terms include preservation or Litigation Hold. Let's explain what those words mean and why they are important, and let's talk to them about electronic discovery best practices that we use at the company, and what happens if deadlines are missed. Do they know that if a deadline is missed that the company may be sanctioned millions of dollars? 


IT should also train the lawyers about the basic systems used at the company. The lawyers need to know what email systems are used at your company. Is it Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, CcMail, or any one of a hundred other email systems?  What document management systems and voice mail systems are used at the company?  How much time does it take to complete tasks?  IT should explain to the lawyers the lead time needed to extract a mailbox from the Exchange Server, what is the process for collecting this data, do systems need to be shut down, which means departments will not have access to data to do their work. It is important that lawyers understand what risks litigation requests cause to IT.


With this cross training, lawyers and IT work better as a team to handle the company's litigation.


Please contact the Legal Technology Group if you'd like our help. We can help train the trial lawyers about basic IT concepts and issues that will help them. We can also train IT about Electronic Discovery law and the terminology they need to know to do their job better. I have experience with both groups. I've been a trial lawyer for 25 years, but also authored books on Electronic Discovery and software programming.


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